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Christoffer followed me home and slept here after Kriberg (No Homo, Just in case.) Our day consisted of doing nothing much. We sat down and watched the Olympic hockey final but gave it up when Canada scored 3-0. Sad moment! This will be my last post even if it actually is or not, so ha! Goodbye everyone, no more daily posts.


Yesterday: on Saturday I were at Kriberg and played floor ball and swam. It was me Mr. Christoffer Lidberg, Mr. Linnea Sjulsson  and other people from Rusksele there. It was nice, Nostalgia flowed through my body because we used to always be there and swim when I went to school in Rusksele.

Late Friday

Today’s not Friday but some days ago where Friday. The day did not have so much to offer. We had an test in geography and also a little training thingy in english. The only other thing that happened was that Johan changed date for the post to be done till today. Well that’s nice

Friday soon. That’s the last day we have to write daily on this whatchudyacallit. I will neither say that I will miss it or look forward to it’s end. All I will say is: Damn I’m not done yet. And my only feeling is brain damage. Figure that out wouldya!

Seven guys went to a bar. One man went in first, after came the other guys. They all sat down and started talking. They talked an laughed all night. when the clock struck about 11pm the men walked home again. The end. Good story huh?


Today was the yearly “Friluftsdagen”. The entire school was at “Bocksliden”, a ski slope outside of Lycksele. It was a long day for being so short. I know that sounds but I don’t care, I’m so tired right now so I could eat a horse. Fuck you.


The entirety of my day has consisted of writing post on here. I’ve written 5 posts today I think, #Worldrecord i believe. Anyway, right now I’m watching House of Cards season 2 which just premed. Kevin Spacey is in it and he’s really able to bring a real dark feeling to politics, it’s so cool! But that’s all for tonight, g-night laddies! 

Joel is sitting next to me right now and it smells like poopoo. Although William is sitting on the other side of me so I think it’s him who smells. This is an mystery of the largest scale. Who can solve this mystery for me, I don’t know.